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  • Neoprene Tek Harness

    We’ve taken our wildly popular Neoprene Bulldog Harness and added dual side straps that connect to a cockring. When worn, every move you make will cause a slight tug on…

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  • Neoprene Slingback Harness

    This Slingback harness is a gladiator-style asymmetrical design using our extremely popular neoprene.

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  • Neoprene Predator Harness

    This fresh take on our Neoprene Y-Harness updates its look with split shoulder straps, showing off those traps you’ve been working so hard on.

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  • NeoFlex Neoprene Harness

    An update to our already world famous Neo-Skin 4 strap and 5 strap harnesses, this product features a new color and design pattern that is fucking hot! We made…

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  • Neoprene Thick Shoulder Harness

    Smooth slick neoprene up against your skin feels hot! Our new Thick Neoprene Shoulder Harness will get you off! Made from our signature Smoothskin Neoprene.

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  • NeoSkin Neoprene 5 Strap Harness

    An updated version of our popular Neo-Skin Neoprene 4 Strap Harness. Now we have included a down strap with a thick rubber donut cockring.

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  • KinkLab 5-Snap Neoprene Cock Ring

    The KinkLab 5-Snap Neoprene Cock Ring features nickel-plated adjustable snaps for maximum comfort on any erection size made of soft neoprene. Snaps are a half inch apart.

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  • Neoprene Jock Strap

    Constructed from neoprene, our rubber jock strap has the classic styling of a traditional cotton athletic jock. A 2″ wide waist band and tailored pouch are attached to two…

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  • Neoprene Thong

    This light yet durable thong is made of Neoprene – an oil resistant substitute for natural rubber. Neoprene displays outstanding physical toughness and is resistant to damage caused by…

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