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  • Sounding Toys® The Connector Sounds

    Incredibly smooth line connector to contact the point you want. The round tip of the Connector Sounds connects you exactly where you want it. Resonate and enjoy the experience. Designed for…

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  • Sounding Toys® The Capsly Sounds

    Start your exploration with a capsule-shaped ultra-thin stem or a sound with a fat stem. This is the Capsly Sounds of every explorer’s dream. You are sure to find new…

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  • Sounding Toys® The Pearl Sounds

    New sensations with The pearl necklace. Flexible Pearl sounds offers new dimensions in four different lengths and  beads size. Freely combine the length and the size of the beads. Sounds…

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  • Sounding Toys® The Ellipse Sounds

    Made to give you a sleek fullness feel, grab it and just make it happen. Ellipse sounds are shaped as an ellipse form that is the purpose of the sound’s name….

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  • Sounding Toys® The Dickberry Sounds

    A ball-to-ball gently sliding delicious sound designed for those who want to feel the balls in your hand. Dickberry sounds expand and blow up the feeling balls in your hands which…

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  • Sounding Toys® The Snakey Sounds

    The intricate design and surprising twists and turns have been made into a Snakey Sounds. When you want to experience your snake crawling inside and giving you incredible tremors….

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  • Sounding Toys® The Rocket Sounds

    Shot a rocket inside you and expand your experience to the peak. Rocket Sound increases your explosion shot by shot. Experience something amazing. Grab the rocket with your hand. It’s made…

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  • Sounding Toys® Dotter Sounds

    Increase your experience ball by ball. The Dotter Sound grows into a ball in which you increase your fire to the top. Four circumferences and four lengths – connect freely. Sounds…

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