Hosed 19 Inch Swirl Anal Snake


Key Features

  • 19 inches of insertable length promise a really fulfilling
  • Tantalisingly twisted texture increases pressure on sensitive nerve endings
  • Strong, sturdy suction cup base attaches to most smooth, flat surfaces with ease
  • Made from phthalates free PVC
  • Compatible with water-based AND silicone-based lubes

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The Hosed 19 Inch Swirl Anal Snake is sure to have your head in a salacious spin!

Bound to fill your hungry hole, this clever colon snake will pop inside your pucker and promises a deviantly deep and meaningful experience! At 19 inches in insertable length, it bends with the body for customised gratification and the 1.5-inch diameter will deliver a satisfying stretch as it delves deeper within. Boasting a tantalisingly twisted texture, it puts extra pressure on those sensitive nerve endings located inside, while the sturdy suction cup base keeps it securely in place for the duration of your play. Attaching to most smooth, flat surfaces with ease, the Hosed 19 Inch Swirl Anal Snake is even great for shower play.

Probing pervs and size queens rejoice, the Hosed 19 Inch Swirl Anal Snake promises a really fulfilling experience! Free from phthalates, it has been constructed with safety and satisfaction in mind and can be easily cleaned using mild soap and warm water. Lavish with your favourite water-based or silicone-based lube to ensure this snake easily slides inside.


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