Sounding Toys® The Dotter Sounds

Sounding Toys® Dotter Sounds


Increase your experience ball by ball. The Dotter Sound grows into a ball in which you increase your fire to the top. Four circumferences and four lengths – connect freely. Sounds designed for you.

Dotter Sounds Key Features

  • Increase your experience ball by ball
  • Handmade from the finest Platinum Cure Silicone – 100% body safe, non-porous, hypoallergenic & non-toxic as well as easy to disinfect
  • Dotter Sound available in four diameters sizes from 6 to 12 millimeters to choose from, as well as four lengths
  • Grows into a ball in which you increase your fire to the top

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Sounding Toys®The Dotter Sounds

The saying “hunger grows when you eat” This is how you can tell after trying this seductive sound. Each ball sucks it to the depths to trigger your inner fire.

Feel the Dotter sound. Ball by ball it expands your experience while increasing your desires. The Dotter sound is designed for you who want to experience small shapes to a growing size. The design also comes with something surprising.

It is made precisely to enjoy and play. Optimal design with balls growing at the heart. With a slightly flexible sound, you can feel all the details of it softly and smoothly along the entire length of your manhood and beyond.

It does not have the slightest compromise in this sound. Therefore, we proudly say It is Designed for Ultimate Satisfaction. Take a closer look at the Dotter sound.

The Sounding Toys® manufactures the finest sounds in the market with unique designs. Handmade from the finest Platinum Cure Silicone. Designed for ultimate satisfaction.


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