SquarePegToys® Baby Elephant Butt Plug 7.5 Inches


Key Features

  • At 14 inches in circumference, this is a beast of a butt plug!
  • Features pronounces spine-like detail, raised nubs wither side, ridges & a big bulbous head, it promises unparalleled gratification
  • Big, rounded head & smooth exterior facilitates comfortable insertion when lavished with water-based lube
  • Satiating size queens & anal stretching enthusiasts, it is one for the more anally accomplished
  • Expertly handcrafted from the finest quality, platinum grade silicone

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Get more junk in your trunk, with the SquarePegToys® Baby Elephant Butt Plug!

In search of a playmate that’s hung like an elephant? Look no further than the SquarePegToys® Baby Elephant Butt Plug! This unique silicone butt plug is cleverly contoured to rest in your rectum and deliver a satisfying stretch. Boasting a mammoth circumference of 14 inches at its widest point, the Baby Elephant Butt Plug is a bit of an animal! Satiating size queens and anal stretching enthusiasts alike, this huge butt plug features pronounced spine detail with raised nubs either side, 3 remarkable ridges and a big bulbous head that puts perfect pressure in just the right spot. Ensuring unbeatable intensity and unparalleled nerve stimulation, it will be your new ‘baby’ when it comes to anal sex toys. It’s certainly no white elephant, that’s for sure!

Expertly engineered with maximum gratification in mind, the SquarePegToys® Baby Elephant Butt Plug is handcrafted from platinum grade silicone, which is also 100% body safe. The rounded head facilitates comfortable insertion, especially when lavished with your favourite water-based lube, while the beautiful bronze colour ensures this butt plug looks as good as it feels. In addition, this amazing anal stretching plug is perfectly pliable and feels sublime as it slides inside.

They say an elephant never forgets, but you certainly won’t forget playing with this Elephant in a hurry!


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