SquarePegToys® Butt Bomb 6.5 Inches


Key Features

  • Cleverly contoured for a satisfying stretch and explosive gratification
  • Sucks inside the sphincter with unparalleled intensity
  • Textured neck rests in the ring piece to tantalise the sensitive nerve endings
  • Boasts a substantial circumference of 11 inches
  • Expertly handcrafted from platinum grade silicone – perfectly pliable, body soft, non-toxic, easy to clean & compatible with water-based lubes

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Prepare for explosive gratification with the SquarePegToys® Butt Bomb!

This supreme silicone butt plug really is the Bomb! It may be bronze but, rest assured, the SquarePegToys® Butt Bomb will take 1st place when it comes to your sex toys. Expertly engineered to stretch and satisfy, it is sucked inside your sphincter with unparalleled intensity, while the textured neck rests in the opening of your ring piece and tantalises those super sensitive nerve endings. Boasting a substantial circumference of 11 inches and an insertable length of length of 6.5 inches, you’ll be ready to blow almost instantaneously with this warped weapon.

The SquarePegToys® Butt Bomb has a winning shape that means the widest part rests deep inside, as does the ‘nipple’ tip. Indeed, SquarePegToys® has based many of its other designs on this very shape, due to the intense gratification it provides. Suitable for size queens and the more anally accomplished, the Butt Bomb by SquarePegToys® is sure to leave hungry holes feeling full to the ‘rim’. The tapered shape facilitates comfortable insertion, while the narrow neck and flared base ensure it stays in place for the duration of your perverted play session or deviantly discreet daytime wear!

Handcrafted from the finest quality, platinum grade silicone, the SquarePegToys® Butt Bomb is SuperSoft and pliable, following the natural contours of your canal for customised gratification and delectable deviance. Not only does this supersoft silicone feel simply sublime, it is body safe, non-toxic, easy to clean and compatible with your favourite water-based lubes. Designed to seek out your sweet spot like a guided missile, this huge butt plug is a force to be reckoned with!


SquarePegToys® Butt Bomb 6.5 Inches

Brand SquarePegToys®
Material Platinum Silicone
Circumference 27.94cm (11 inches)
Insertable Length 16.51cm (6.5 inches)
Length 19.05cm (7.5 inches)
Product Weight 0.84kg
Circumference More than 10 inches
Colour Orange
Material Silicone


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