Turn On Water and Silicone Infused Hybrid Lubricant,

Turn On Hybrid Lubricant 8 Oz


Imagine not having to choose between two things you love.

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Turn On Hybrid Lubricant, 8 Ounce

Bottle for Smooth Skin, Easy Clean-Up, No Sticky Mess.

Imagine not having to choose between two things you love. Being able to experience the wilderness and the ocean at the same time. Eating your two favorite foods together and having their combined flavor making an experience you never want to give up. That’s what Turn On went for and achieved with their new personal and couples lubricant. So without further ado, meet Turn On’s dream formula.

  • Water Silicone Blend: This water-based formula infused with silicone means relief for sensitive skin
  • Long Lasting Formula and Doubles as a Massage Oil: Apply once and avoid any drying out or unpleasurable sticking. Although this is not a warming lubricant, by rubbing your hands together to create friction, you can warm the lube for sensual massage therapy. Ease your partner’s aching back and muscles with this relaxation gift. Turn On is not harmful when ingested, so treat it as an edible massage oil for further play.
  • Toy-Friendly, Condom-Safe: Don’t be afraid to invite some friends to the party (non-silicone)
  • Paraben-Free, Hypoallergenic Formula means odorless and stick-free lube so you stay in the moment
  • Easy to Clean: simply wipe away with a wet cloth or hand towel


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