X LUBE Concentrated Powder


X LUBE Concentrated Powder: Makes 20 Litres


What is X Lube?

X Lube is your favourite lube for all kinds of play. Added to water it produces a crystal clear gel free of any tastes or odours. The lubricant has a natural feel, is extremely slippery with a long-lasting cushioning slide.

Easy to use
Mix it to your needs and simply add X Lube Powder to water (not the other way round) – stir or shake – that’s it!

Easy to clean
Wash your sheets and towels in the machine – no stains, no remains. If you have some spillage wipe it away with a dry towel or cloth – done!

Reinvented as powder-granulates
Mixes more quickly and more easily
Provides extra slide and cushioning

No additives
Free from sugars
Free from preservatives
No fillers, no dispersing or bulking agents


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